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How to free up your time using a user management system

Matt Berdine - Chief Product Officer

I recently read an article in Forbes magazine about how we spend our time. The article described the multiple benefits of hiring help to free up time. It described how hiring out chores like lawn care and house cleaning can free up personal time and improve your overall quality of life. At a personal level, this seems like a no-brainer. If I didn’t spend a couple of hours every weekend mowing the lawn, raking, shoveling, weeding …. I would have more time to devote to more important tasks, whether that is work or spending time with my family, that time is the most valuable commodity in my life.

The same principle applies in every aspect of our business as well.  Why do we hire skilled employees?  For their time!  What is the most important resource that we can protect and conserve in our business?  Time!

In our personal lives, having more time reduces our stress levels and enables us to do other things that are more important.  The same is true in business.  Reducing the amount of time spent on repeated, administrative or technical tasks, increases the amount of time we can spend focusing on our core business and on our customers. 

In business, we look to automation to conserve our most valuable asset.  By automating repetitive tasks, we can save time.  Automation also improves accuracy, thereby saving more time.   In our businesses we have onboarding automation for payroll and employee acquisition.  We have email to automate communications.  We have automated processes for billing, customer management, and countless other business function.  In order to use all of the time saving tools, we have to make sure our employees have accounts and access in our tools.

We have to create user account, which costs time.  We have to grant access to file shares, email groups, and whatever employees need to do their jobs – which costs time.  When an employee is unable to work because they don’t have the right access, it costs time!

ideiio, a market leader in user access management 

The answer to all of this wasted time is through onboarding automation and user access management.  For that, here at ideiio, we’ve designed the perfect solution for your business. 

As an identity and user management platform, ideiio provides a simple, safe and cost-effective solution for auto-provisioning access and managing employees.

With a suite of applications within ideiio, businesses can benefit from only selecting the services they need ensuring a solution that’s both tailored and budget friendly.


Automate account creation – Save Time

The ideiio Connect product can automatically provision accounts in your business systems based on information from your HR system. 

Automate account creation - Save Time

Automate access – Save Time! 

The ideiio Identity Lifecycle product provides a simple, yet powerful access control model to determine the access required by your employees and then automatically applies that access to your target systems.

  • User Categories – High level user types that determine the basic access created for all users in the category and the level of access that users in this category can be granted.
  • Roles – Roles provide collections of access that can be applied to users.   Roles can be used to model access based on an employee’s job function, location, or organization.
  • Entitlements – Entitlements provide a means to model specific access permissions within your external systems. 


Ensure proper access for employees – Save Time! 

The ideiio Self Service product is a self-management portal which provides the capability for your users to view and request additional access if needed.

Ensure proper access for employees – Save Time!

  • Configurable approve workflows ensure that access is properly vetted and approved before being grated

Ensure proper access for employees – Save Time!

The ideiio Identity Governance product provides auditing and certification of access to meet regulatory compliance, manage licenses, and ensure users do not have access beyond what they need.

Campaign Overview
Time saving and cost-effective business tools are used to help us manage our time more efficiently. As a valuable commodity time needs to be appreciated for its importance to us and adopting new business tools like ideiio can help us remove the tasks that can now be automated.   Freeing up that valuable time!

If you’d like to see inside ideiio for yourself we’ve created a free virtual tour which can be accessed here or contact us for more information

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